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At Total Fire Protection, we promise you high-quality work and exceptional service. That’s why we use ServiceTrade’s mobile and web applications. ServiceTrade is modern, mobile customer service software that Total Fire uses to schedule service calls; provide informative updates and reports about our work, and send online quotes within minutes of the service call.

How Does ServiceTrade Help Our Customers?

Better Information for Better Decisions

Total Fire creates online reports with information you need to make critical fire protection system maintenance decisions:

  • Rich, digital reporting with photos, clear typed comments, videos, and audio notes
  • Instant access to electronic records of service history quotes with photos of what needs to be repaired or replaced

Work Validation

The work validation tools built into ServiceTrade provide complete accountability for our technician’s time associated with your services.

  • Built-in time tracking of when technicians are en route, when they arrive, and when they have completed their work is automatically tracked on every service call.
  • At the end of the service call, you see the complete set of documents, photos, and notes before signing the work acknowledgment report.
  • Technicians create photos, videos, audio notes, and digital comments to document what was performed and what they discovered.
  • All of this documentation is summarized in a single report that is emailed to you and stored in the service trade platform for future reference.

Builds Your Trust In Us

We realize that not every inspection or repair is visible, so how do you know that we did what you paid us to do?

  • Mobile and paperless so we can have more valuable communication with you
  • Technicians use smartphones and tablets to confirm the appointment, check-in, and check-out of each service
  • Technicians create photos, videos, audio notes, and digital comments to document what was performed and what they discovered
  • Avoid Compliance Issues

    You are provided with a rich, detailed history of all of the work performed in your facility. Photographs and audio memos give you in-depth reporting of repair history, deficiency repairs, and completed work. This information is always available online when you need to confirm your compliance with all state and local fire and building codes. ServiceTrade makes it easy for us to ensure that every inspection is completed before its due date so nothing slips through the cracks.

    Enjoy Faster Repairs

    We promptly alert you when deficiencies are found in your equipment. Deficiencies are transformed into a quote that lists the required repairs with applicable photos by email, giving you the opportunity to review and approve it right away with the click of a button. From there, the quote immediately turns into a job in ServiceTrade that we will schedule with you. Faster repairs mean that your essential life safety systems will be fully operational and code-compliant.


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    Compliance is NOT a choice—

    that’s why we choose


    Total Fire Protection can help keep your business and home protected from a fire emergency through regular testing and maintenance of your sprinkler system and pump. Our skilled and detail-oriented inspectors can quickly identify potential problems with your systems and provide an appropriate, affordable solution. An annual inspection to test fire sprinkler system efficacy and flow of water is strongly recommended.

    BuildingReports produces real-time, verifiable, device-level inspection reports available 24/7, providing details of exactly what was inspected and when with detailed test results. Authorized stakeholders can access these reports at any time from any device with an internet connection, and can even review discrepancies, approve repairs or replacement, and schedule service calls.

    With BuildingReports’ digital inspection technology, Total Fire can deliver comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in compliance with NFPA and regulatory standards.

    BuildingReports Provide

    We realize that not every inspection or repair is visible, so how do you know that we did what you paid us to do? We provide:

    • Inspection reports with device-level detail.
    • Audit trail of prior inspection reports for multiple years for Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)/fire marshal comparison, including quarterly reports for accredited healthcare agencies.
    • Full code explanations included for devices with discrepancies.
    • A Comprehensive database of nearly every form required for compliance purposes, including custom options. 

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    Total Fire Protection maintains membership in the NFPA, AFSA, and many more.

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